Owners Keith Taylor and Erin Sullivan-Taylor

Keith Taylor

Keith has had a lifelong love of athletics and played college football in the early 1990’s. After graduating, he began a 17 year career working with emotionally and mentally impaired children.  Keith found this work incredibly rewarding, however, the high stress level and 2nd shift hours led to a lifestyle that caused an incredible weight gain.  427lbs was the last weight he saw on the scale when he decided that enough was enough.  In 2000 Keith began to take his life back and through proper nutrition and good old hard work, he lost over 200lbs!  No surgery, just focus and the right perspective on life! 

Keith found spinning in 2008 and fell in love with the concept.  A super cardio workout in a class setting with heart pumping music to boot!  He used spinning and other forms of exercise as a means to continue to work towards his fitness goals.  Spinning helped him lose the last 40 pounds to get to his goal weight. Keith recently became a certified spinning instructor.

He always said that if he were to leave the social work field it would be to help people achieve their fitness/wellness goals…enter Erin Sullivan-Taylor!! Keith and Erin recently married in June of this year (2011).  They shared a common goal of opening up a facility that did just that…help people achieve mind and body wellness.  So, he left his job of 17 years to embark on this amazing journey with the love of his life…Come join him for a great workout as well as a bit of inspiration!!

Erin Sullivan-Taylor

Erin is a Registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level and is also a STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor. Erin's yoga journey began with mom/baby yoga class with her daughter in 2002 and again with her son in 2005. As a stay at home mom, she practiced yoga on and off for several years until it became clear that her mind, body, and soul craved deeper knowledge. After beginning a weekly practice and further study through books and workshops, Erin quickly realized that yoga could lift the pervading cloud of depression that haunted her for years. Especially, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter months. Erin credits her yoga practice and teaching for carrying her through the illness and death of her late husband, Ken Sullivan, in May 2009.  Now, happily remarried to KeithTaylor, Erin has experienced  the healing path offered through yoga as it provided a safe place to experience grief and move forward.  

Erin also has a background as a social worker in child welfare. She earned her Bachelor’s Degrees in Social work and Pre-law from MSU in 1999. Erin brings a broad range of knowledge of anatomy and emotional work to her teaching which leaves her students feeling peaceful, energized, stretched and strengthened.

Andi Morrow

Andi came to yoga at an early age as a way to find peace, balance and to connect more deeply with her body. Seeing the profound effect that yoga has had in all aspects of her life has ultimately led to the journey of teaching. Certified RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance, Andi's free spirit, creativity and sense of humor shine in each of her classes.

She looks forward to sharing the gifts that yoga has given her and her passion for practice with students of all levels.

Amanda Whitesell

Amanda has been a competitive dancer for years, studying under dance performance scholarship at Oklahoma City University, and performing in a Miley Cyrus music video. She first began her STOTT Pilates practice in Bloomfield Hills as a teen with one of her ballet instructors, who happened to also be a STOTT Pilates instructor trainer. Pilates safely conditioned her body while an injury temporarily prevented her from dancing.
After teaching dance for several years and studying at Equilibrium Pilates Studio, Amanda is excited to start her Pilates instruction journey at Fusion Pilates and Yoga. She hopes to give students a challenging, yet safe workout.
  Amanda also holds  a bachelor's degree in mass communications - journalism emphasis from Oklahoma City University.

Kristen Surbrook

Kristen is excited to begin her Pilates career at Fusion Pilates and Yoga.  She is Stott Pilates trained from the renowned Equilibrium Pilates Studio.  Kristen is an active mother of three boys and has an athletic background.  She was introduced to Pilates while working at Lifetime Fitness for nearly three years. 

She is very interested in helping people exercise safely, while giving them a good workout and having a great time doing it.  

Annmarie Dempsey

I first stepped onto my mat in 2007.  After that first yoga class, I felt an immediate connection with the practice and I continue to be amazed at the healing, growth and peace that yoga brings to the body, mind and spirit.  In April of 2009, I completed teacher training and became a registered yoga teacher at the 200 hour level through Yoga Alliance.  Since that time, I have been honored to study with Amy Weintraub, Katherine Schaefer, Jamie Turner Allison, Desirée Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Noah Mazé, Todd Tesen and Doug Keller.  I am a committed student and truly love the depth of learning and continual opening that this path offers. 

As a teacher, I strive to provide a space that is warm, fun and supportive and a heart that is open to give and receive fully.  My desire is that each student feels welcome and safe as we journey down this beautiful path together.
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