Pilates conditions the body from head to toe with a no- to low-impact approach suitable for all ages and abilities. Pilates,emphasizes  developing core strength in the deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvis to stabilize the trunk and protect the back. This kind of core training makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well as a foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercise.

Pilates Reformer

At Fusion, we offer Pilates Reformer classes powered by STOTT PILATES® Equipment. Pilates reformer is an amazing apparatus, made up of adjustable straps, gears, springs, and a carriage system. The reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows a person to work precisely on developing good alignment, core strength and flexibility.  We limit group classes to six students to ensure a safe and effective session.

Our Fusion classes offer mat pilates blended with yoga.

Some benefits of pilates includes:

  • Improve strength, flexibility and balance.
  • Tone and build long, lean muscles without bulk. 
  • Challenge deep abdominal muscles to support the core. 
  • Engage the mind and enhance body awareness. 
  • Condition efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury. 
  • Reduce stress, relieve tension, boost energy through deep stretching. 
  • Restore postural alignment. 
  • Create a stronger, more flexible spine. 
  • Promote recovery from strain or injury. 
  • Increase joint range of motion. 
  • Improve circulation. 
  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination. 
  • Offer relief from back pain and joint stress. 
  • Correct over-training of muscle groups which can lead to stress and injury. 
  • Enhance mobility, agility and stamina. 
  • Compliment sports training and develop functional fitness for daily life activity. 
  • Improve the way your body looks and feels.
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